Dear Tolga, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you for this project. I wish everyone had such a big heart as you. – Eda Aslan

Tolga, We congratulate and applaud you. This is a great idea and a great project. We will do our best to spread the word. – Ilker Tortop and his family

I learnt of your site through Haytap. I am the founder of the www.patimiz.com site and do a lot of activities with Haytap and have added the banner from for your website to my own site. I would be most happy to assist in anyway I possibly can and congratulate you for your work and wish you much success. Kind regards, Editor of www.patimiz.com – Murat Cakmak

Because of you I am unusually happy today. It is a pleasure to see that people like you who are sensitive to nature, to living creatures and to people exist in Turkey. – Bülent Kıl

Thank you for starting such a wonderful project and for providing a means for people who are ready to help. I have and will continue to share the link with all my friends and colleagues. – Simay Yeral

Dear Tolga, I heard about your success whilst listening to CNN radio on the way to work this morning. The first thing I did when I arrived at work was to visit your site. You are wonderful …very successful. I congratulate you for thinking of a caring and beneficial project such as this and for succeeding. We need
smart youth like you. I also have a son who is successful like you, completing year 12 at Istanbul Erkek high school. You are the future of this country. We are proud of you .. Wishing for your continuing success. Warmest regards. – Lütfi Akbaş

Hello Caring Entrepreneur, I heard about your caring and wonderful project today on CNN radio. I congratulate you, hope that you are successful and that everyone can find the opportunity to realize their dreams like you. I have already added your site to my favorites so that I too may contribute to helping. Best regards – Yıldız Alaloğlu

I saw you on TV. I hope that your website is a success and that your social responsibility awareness continues throughout your lifetime – Şafak Menzilcioğlu

Dear Tolga, I wholeheartedly support this project of yours which is full of devotion and caring. Endless thanks for your efforts to enhance the beauty of all life’s aspects. – Arzu Yetkin

Dear Tolga, there is nothing in life as wonderful as realizing your dreams. Congratulations, I hope that your more of your dreams come true. – Suna Ak

Tolga, your project is great – I love it! Congratulations for thinking of such a project and bringing it to life at such a young age. Best wishes – Nur

Congratulations Tolga, you have done a very worthwhile thing and I hope it succeeds. However, I would like to add that in our country it is not only dogs who are in need of help but also cats. If you are able to include cats in this project, I am sure animal lovers will be even happier. Wishing you success – Merve

Dear Tolga, This project you have pioneered should set an example for everyone. Your sensitivity and the fact that there are children like you has effected me immensely. I support you wholeheartedly and will make all of my future reservations from your site. Best regards – Emrah Göksel

I learnt about you and this meaningful website through Ayşe Arman’s article. I congratulate you and will carry out all of my plans through this site in the future – Jale

I congratulate your success. Your entrepreneurship should set an example to young people all over Turkey and at the same time should be supported both financially and spiritually. It is important that through this support it continues with even greater success. Good work. – Nazan Erkmen Koç High School Alumni Coordinator

Congratulations Tolga. I cancelled the last reservation I made, renewed it using Sosrooms.com and am trying to reach everyone I can. I would like to thank you not only for this project but also for showing us that there are people like you in this new generation. – An Dilber

Hello Tolga. I work at a travel agency who works uniquely with foreigners. We would also like to contribute in some manner from these sales. If you can assist us with this we may also be a part of the website. Looking forward to hearing from you – Fatih Tunalı

Booking.com is one of the hotel bookings portals that I use very often. From now on, I will link to booking.com through your site in order to support your project. My congratulations to Tolga Babür and everyone else who contributed. – Şükrü Cimrin

Very creative and thoughtful work, thanks. – Ziya Tarkan Kozan

Dear Tolga, I knew you were going to launch such a website but I have not paid attention to details. Once I have logged in to book a room for our next trip, I got to understand better what this means, and I wholeheartedly support and use this site, recommend to all of my friends. Great project, great initiative.
Congratulations. – Önder Sönmez

Dear Tolga, I congratulate you – what you have done is very important and I wish you continued success. Just two hours ago, I made a reservation to Hotel Central in Crans Montana – I wish I could cancel it and make the reservation through this site. But, you can be sure that I will use only sosrooms.com from now on. – Nukte

Real nice but as far as I can see you cannot become a member – I think you could reach more people that way but I will tell all my friends. Best wishes from Malatya – Ahmet

We certainly need more young people who respect other living creatures and who do what they can to improve their conditions. I hope that your efforts are recognized and supported. I wish you continued success. – Aslı Gültekin

Dear Tolga, Your project has made me happy for two reasons. Firstly I am happy on behalf of the charities you will be helping and secondly I am happy to see that the young people of our country who are working on such projects with sincerity have the capacity to make them come alive. I congratulate you wholeheartedly and hope that other young people follow in your example. – Melek Sarı Yam

Congratulations. You have my support. Good luck. – Ayla Turan

Congratulations Tolga, an exemplary project and a big step taken at such an early age – a true indication of what you will be achieving in the future…I will be following you with excitement and curiosity and am ready to do whatever needed whenever needed. – Yeşim Doğukan

Dear Tolga, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the launch of your website. It’s a great cause and I will support it, whenever I can and talk to me friends about it. I have been very active in animal protection for many years in my teen-age times and find it extremely encouraging to see project like yours.
Let me know if there is anything else I can do to support you and I wish you the best of luck and success in this important venture. – Juerg Siegenthaler

Dear Tolga, Thank you for preparing such a lovely and creative project. I think that we should all be a part of it and we certainly will be. I would like you to know that we will support you in any way we can and wish you success on your journey. – Serpil Eker

I already shared your website with all my colleagues and friends. Thank you for creating this wonderful project. Good luck.. – Gaye Nur

I do congratulate you for the professional vision and work as well as the big heart you have. Good luck.. Engin G.

Dear Tolga, I loved your project. It is very creative and useful. Wishing you continued success. – Tamer Mungan

Tolga, as a long time hospitality professional, I would like to congratulate you. From now on, I will only use this site to make hotel reservations and will recommend it to all my friends. – Umut Dülger

We must all do our part for such a good project. I would like you to know that I will do whatever I can to support your project and wish you much success. – Orhan Çalın

This is a fantastic idea! I will make sure I use this site the next time I have to make a hotel booking. Good luck! – A. Woolley

Great idea guys. I will certainly tell all my friends about what you are doing. Hope you raise a lot of money. – Melisa Ak


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